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Rath R100 Tenor Jazz Trombone - near mint in Worcester Park, Surrey for sale

Rath R100 Tenor Jazz Trombone - near mint

Yes, a genuine Rath R100 tenor trombone. If you are reading this, you will know that Michael Rath trombones are one of the most desirable trombones that sound fabulous in all musical genres. The R100 has a 0.5" bore, and a 7.75" bell. I have played it in both jazz, big band, and classical situations, and it has an extraordinary tone. It sings like a bird in the high register, plays with an edge when you need it, or plays astonishingly broadly in the low range. I don't know how Michael Rath does it, but I'm glad that he does. Sometimes you have to play somewhere where your R1 might not be safe or might get bumped, the R100 can be a safer option. Don't underrate this trombone, even Michael Dease plays one. This trombone is approx 2 years old. It has seen very little use in that time - simply too many trombones, and some have to go, and I have just given up my seat in my last big band due to lack of playing time. The slide is silky smooth throughout, without blemish. There is no wear to the inners or outers. It has a very fast action. The bell section is extemely good condition and clean. The case is very good, and the trombone will come with a Yamaha 46 mouthpiece - ideal for lead work. This trombone looks very close to new, and for only £735, it is very attractively priced, and I don't see it hanging around.